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By all accounts 41 year-old oil well driller, husband and father of four, Carl Higdon, was not a man prone to flights of fancy, but on the crisp autumn afternoon of October 25, 1974, he had a close encounter with a bizarre being who would not only test the limits of his imagination, but quite literally take him on the ride of his life.

Like many Americans in the 1970s, the hardworking Carl Higdon was hit hard by the recession. As food prices crept ever higher, Higdon decided that he would have to hunt in order to feed his family and stock their icebox with enough meat to get them through the harsh Wyoming winter that was just around the corner. It would be during one such expedition that Higdon would go from being the hunter to becoming the hunted.


The day began like any other. Higdon awoke and was getting ready for his 2ndshift work day at the AM Wells Service Company in Riverton, when his telephone rang. After working his way up through the company for the better part of 20-years, Higdon was now the foreman, and therefore it fell to him to take “sick calls” from his crew. He described the situation:

I was all set to leave for work when one of my key men phoned to tell me that he was sick. Realizing that nothing could be accomplished with him at home, I decided to take the day off.

Having committed to not going in to work, Higdon decided to utilize his unexpectedly free afternoon by using it to hunt for elk. With his plan in place, the oil man packed his gear into his company pick-up and began heading towards McCarthy Canyon in nearby Carbon County. It was then that a random act of kindness would forever change his destiny.

While cruising toward McCarthy Canyon, Higdon spied a pair of stranded motorists working on their immobile van. The Good Samaritan pulled over and helped them repair their vehicle. During the course of their conversation the duo revealed that they were also hunters and they knew of a place where there was much more game than Higdon’s current destination. Higdon recounted the encounter:

I pulled in front of them and helped them. During our chat, they told me the hunting was much better farther back in a remote section of the Medicine Bow National Forest.

Higdon thanked his fellow hunters and without delay decided to change his course and begin driving toward the northern region of Medicine Bow National Park, which is located just 40-miles south of his home in Rawlings. Higdon arrived at the park in the late afternoon. Once there he was surprised to bump into an old buddy:

Around four o’clock, I parked my two-wheel-drive on a knoll and pulled out my thermos to pour a cup of coffee. An old friend, Gary Eaton, walked over to where I had stopped and together we surveyed the area. After a few minutes, Gary told me he was going on higher up into the forest. Jokingly he suggested he might scare down some elk for me.

Higdon and his compatriot then separated, at which point the hunter pulled out his brand new Magnum rifle and loaded it with powerful 7mm bullets. Higdon decided to explore an area that was concealed behind a hill and set off… never imagining what would happen next.

Higdon walked for a few minutes and then, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a flash of movement. It was exactly what it was he had come for — a small herd of elk. Higdon silently raised his heavy rifle, put his eye to the sight and took aim at the largest male:

I walked maybe five minutes until I came to a rise in the ground. Down below in a clearing were five elk, huddled closely together. From my vantage point, several hundred yards away, I could see that one of them was a really outstanding animal. I lined him up in my telescopic sight and fired my gun, a Magnum rifle. It can give your shoulder a mean whack if you’re not careful.

It would be at this moment that Carl Higdon’s world would take a decided twist toward the bizarre.


As soon as Higdon pulled the trigger of his Magnum he was astounded by the fact that there was no kick back from the rifle. What was even more perplexing was the fact that the detonation was absolutely silent. In fact, according to Higdon, it was as if the entire world had fallen still.

As if all of that were not strange enough, for the first time in his life Higdon claimed that he was actually able to watch as a bullet left the barrel of his rifle and soared forward so slowly that it looked as if were traveling through a wall of invisible Jello. Higdon later swore that he watched the bullet glide about 50-feet before it plummeted to the snow speckled ground before him. In Higdon’s own words:

I couldn’t believe my senses! Instead of a powerful blast, the 7mm bullet left the gun’s barrel noiselessly and in slow motion. It floated like a butterfly, finally falling to the ground about fifty feet from where I stood. I was awestruck. I froze. All around me there was a painful silence. Not a chirping bird or the rustling of leaves on nearby trees could be heard. The only sensation I could detect was a tingling feeling which crawled up my spine. This was similar to the feeling you often get before a fierce thunderstorm, when the air is full of static electricity.

Still immersed in the eerie, static charged silence, Higdon cautiously retrieved the bullet and inspected it closely. He immediately noticed that the lead portion of the 7mm had disappeared and only the oddly misshapen case remained.

He placed the bullet into his pocket and took a few perplexed steps forward. That was when the deathly silence surrounding him was abruptly broken by the sound of a twig snapping. Higdon spun around and was a confronted by a sight that he instantly knew was not of this Earth:

Turning to my left, I saw a ‘man’ standing there. At first I thought he was just another hunter so I lowered my gun. Then he moved out of the shadows, into the light, and immediately I realized something was terribly wrong… My heart skipped a beat and my knees were shaking so badly I could hardly stand. I thought, ‘Hell, I should have stayed in McCarthy Canyon like I’d originally planned!’

Standing before the trembling hunter was what appeared to be a humanoid being clad in a skintight, black, one piece outfit that Higdon claimed was: “similar to a wet-suit scuba divers wear.”

Atop the suit was a pair of harness-like straps that crisscrossed its chest, below which was a metallic belt adorned with a large, yellow, six-pointed star. Beneath the star was an insignia that the outdoorsman could not identify. Higdon described the (at least what he presumed to be) masculine entity in detail:

It was definitely a male… The visitor had no detectable ears. His eyes were small, and lacked eye brows… The dome of his skull was covered with the coarsest hair imaginable. It looked as if he had straw growing out of his head… [his complexion was] very similar to an Oriental’s… He was definitely man-like in height. I’d estimate he stood well over six feet, and weighed around 180 pounds. This was definitely no ghost! Good Lord, he was flesh and blood. Amen.

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Written by Leif Andersen

I am a Designer, a Musician, and a lover of the weird.

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  1. I was abducted when I was 16 in 1979. The craft I was on was transparent and that threw me off, because a transparent craft, isn’t a 16 year old’s idea of a flying saucer. I didn’t know if I was on a ship or not. I read this case just yesterday. Many similarities. I’m sure these are the same aliens. To me their faces are blocked and I know why, these guys are creepier looking than the greys. I would have screamed like a girl.


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