Originally reported by The Huffington Post.

These flashes are so intense, so bizarre, and happen so quickly that the only way we’re even able to see these events is courtesy of motorists who use dashcams while they drive.

Natalya Kimenko, an analyst at the Stavropol Meteorological Center, told ABC News:

It wasn’t a meteorological event. There wasn’t a storm, more likely, it is something made by a human being.

This isn’t the first time an incident like this has been witnessed in Russia. In another dashcam video another spectacular light explosion in the night sky that could be seen for miles over the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. In both instances there is no sound accompanying the strange flashes.

Of this incident, Russia Today reported: 

The soundless flash of light scared several people, as it made some streetlights in the city go out, while being accompanied by the flickering of lights inside apartments and houses.

The map below shows the areas in Russia where both sky flashes occurred.


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Read the full story here.


Written by Leif Andersen

I am a Designer, a Musician, and a lover of the weird.

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