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Retired New York City police officer, Lt. Frank Marra, claims he encountered a ghostly figure in the form of a black woman serving a tray of sandwhiches, while he searched for human remains in the rubble of 9/11, reported the New York Post. He claims that he saw the woman several times and that she was dressed like a World War II-era Red Cross worker.

She always appeared to be more than 50 yards away and would vanish as I strained my eyes for a better look. But you could clearly see it was a person.

48-year-old Marra first spoke about this encounter in 2013 when he was interviewed for the book “Hallowed Ground,” with others who had searched the landfill. During the interview Marra was asked specifically by a retired crime-scene detective about a Red Cross worker trying to serve sandwiches and coffee out by the sifters.

It hit me like a ton of bricks — I had put that dormant – and it just reminded me that I remembered seeing her.

Marra’s not alone in his recollection. He says other law enforcement officers have also reported shadows and “large black masses” they saw while sifting through the rubble. Marra spoke to a psychic medium who explained that what he and the other officers saw may have been a “soul collector” who guides spirits into the afterlife.

Read the full story here.

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Written by Leif Andersen

I am a Designer, a Musician, and a lover of the weird.

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