According to the October 12, 1876 edition of The Revelator, the notorious James-Younger gang’s attempted robbery of the Northfield bank was interrupted by a UFO. If this is true, this may be one of the most significant eyewitness accounts of a UFO to date. The entirety of the article is worth the read, but the snippets regarding the UFO can be read below.

According to one eyewitness:

…I saw on the horizon a most REMARKABLE SIGHT. At first, I believed a dark cloud had obscured an area of the sky, but the move­ment of the object proved that an unfounded thought. Clouds do not, as a rule, bob and bounce. Nor, in my expe­ri­ence, do they pro­duce sounds sim­i­lar to those of a steam con­veyance — like the wails of an iron ban­shee. The orbical object at first appeared to be mov­ing in the direc­tion of I and my horse, grow­ing larger in the sky, but it soon changed its path and set­tled down­ward in the distance.

He continues to say:

After traveling down the path for another few minutes, I heard a terrible, unearthly sound again, but different this time from the previous. Where the object in the sky before eminated a screeching, ear-aching noise, now the sound had more harmony to it, something akin to a chorus of angels, though not so Heavenly — imagine the most beautiful woman-singers in the world hollering down a metal tube, and you may begin to approximate in your mind the sound that echoed through the air at that moment.

The sound came from behind us now rather than in front, and both I and my horse turned our heads in it’s direction. The spher­oid object we had pre­vi­ously seen from a dis­tance now proved to be much closer than before. Details of its design became appar­ent. It was a fly­ing machine, but though I knew it to be mechan­i­cal — its steel glis­tened in the sun — it was unlike any inven­tion of my expe­ri­ence. Its edges were finely curved, like molded sil­ver, and var­i­ous pro­tu­ber­ances seemed to have grown organ­i­cally out of its cen­tral form. Addi­tion­ally, it issued bright bub­bles of green and yel­low light from por­tals in its top and bottom.

As I watched, transfixed, the object issued a bolt of blue light that brought fire and smoke to the ground around it. Screams filled the air — screams tinged with the distinctive drawl of a man from the South. I know that sound, and it is one that gives me joy, for it is always the sound of a coward going to eternal damnation. The bolt of blue light struck again, and again fire and smoke and screams burst into the air, which itself smelled singed with righteous vengeance.

Hardly had I time to conceive what had happened than the object moved upward and away, becoming but a dot against the darkening sky.

I am by nature a curious man, a devotee of science and scholarship, and I could not resist the temptation to investigate this extraordinary occurrence. Though my horse was reluctant, I spurred it toward the site of the conflagration.

What we found when we arrived was a clearing amidst the forest the central path wound through. A hillock of rocks stood at the far end, and it was these rocks that provided the most astounding site, for against them appeared a shadow uncast by any object — A SHADOW OF TWO MEN ON A HORSE!

I dismounted and cautiously approached the scene. I quickly discovered the rock itself was issuing smoke, for what I had taken as shadow was, in fact, a dusting of foul ash.

The men had, I deduced, been INCINERATED against the rock.

Moments after I came to this conclusion, a soft rain began to fall, and the smoldering rocks turned the raindrops to steam. I returned to my horse, determined to ride into Northfield and find a witness to this most extraordinary moment, but by the time I was able to bring men back from the city to the clearing, the rain had turned torrential, and all evidence of the destruction cast upon the desperados had washed away.

Read the full article here.


Written by Leif Andersen

I am a Designer, a Musician, and a lover of the weird.

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